EFW Selftitled EP


Dead Devotion feat. Tom Barber (2019)

Shape the Light (2018)


Metalcore is alive and well.

And Escape From Wonderland are doing quite a job to prove it. Thrashy riffs, technical drumming, crushing breakdowns, catchy melodies, and brutal vocals – anything a Metalcore act needs to put on a show, and everything that has been ambitiously woven together on their new self-titled EP. After more than a year of hard work, songwriting, and tracking, Escape From Wonderland have finally released their highly anticipated first record on November 29th 2019, following their single release for “Shape the Light” in October of 2018.

Professionally produced, with a hint of raw, old school Metalcore sound to it, the record holds six songs, all of which are equally qualified to put up with modern Metalcore acts. But what seems different is the sheer amount of energy behind Escape From Wonderland’s songs. Drawing their influences from bands like As I Lay Dying, Machine Head, Architects or even Kreator, it becomes apparent that one of Escape From Wonderland’s core strengths is relentless speed, giving way for an energetic, yet dark take on Metalcore. Paired with big melodies, the previously mentioned crushing breakdowns and technical drumming, the unique vocals, and sincere messages poured into the songwriting, the songs combine to a dynamic record, a striking force with catchy hooks to it.

After releasing a music video for “Shape the Light” in October of 2018, the band has dropped another two for their brand new songs “Dead Devotion” and “Affection In Madness” off of the new record. Having paired with “Tresmont” again for a professional video production that holds up to modern standards, the two videos are yet again dark and vivid and unmistakable in style.

Coming from Stuttgart (Germany), Escape From Wonderland have been able to establish a loyal fan base, playing shows in all of Baden-Württemberg and all around Germany, having shared the stage with bands like Attila, Veil Of Maya, Cypecore, Caliban, Emil Bulls, and Annisokay. An intense live act with the intent to deliver a solid, energetic show that will draw in any Metalcore fan – and those who will be.



Wiesloch | R’n’P – w/ The Oblyvion + Written Pledge


Hamburg | Astra Stube – w/ NORDED + Black Stains






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